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Managed Care Cases
Rate agreement and reimbursement suits in state and federal court against commercial health plans and government payers, resulting in seven figure reimbursements to hospital clients.
Hospital Billing Practice Cases
(Unfair Business Practices and Fraud): Defense verdicts for hospital clients in: Trial in class action alleging unlawful hospital billing practices in thousands of patient accounts; and in trial of individual claim intended as lead case for subsequent class action; represented hospitals in cases against auto insurers providing primary coverage for injury treatments.
Durable Medical Equipment Supplier Fraud
Verdict for HMO in federal court exposing $2 million dollars of Durable Medical Equipment supplier’s invoicing as fraudulent (including billing for supplies delivered to homes of deceased HMO members).
Orthopedic Implant Manufacturer Overbilling
Seven figures in settlements for hospital overcharged for orthopedic implants.
Successful presentation of contested claims to the Medicare Provider Review Board in Baltimore, resulting in 100% provider reimbursement.
Hospital Lien Enforcement
Verdict for California hospital in multi-party trial in St. Louis resulting in payment in full of hospital’s charges in major injury case.
Medical Technology
Defense verdict for medical research institute in claim relating to development of MRI technology.
Physician Contracting
Represented hospital in various contracting disputes with individual physicians; Represented medical group in contracts with hospitals.
Non-Profit Corporate Governance
Represented hospital in negotiating Board of Directors reconfiguration in order to comply with state and federal law.
Medical Malpractice
Defense verdicts for hospitals and physicians in jury trials.
Indemnity and Contribution
Millions in verdicts and settlements for insurance, healthcare, and aerospace industry clients who paid losses owed by others.
Real Estate Fraud Cases
$5.5 million dollar jury verdict for client in 4 month real estate fraud trial (following payment of $7 million dollars in settlements by other defendants during trail); Full value settlements for all clients, paid by title insurer and developer in in securities and real estate fraud case arising out of developer’s sale of the same interest in government property 411 times.
Successful defense of Los Angeles law firm in jury trial of Civil RICO claims. (Verdict for plaintiffs would have put firm out of business.)
Sale of Businesses
Obtained seven figure settlement for seller in breach of contract to sell insurance brokerage; Enforced contract compelling seven figure buy-out of client’s stock in employee staffing company.
Shareholder Disputes
Successfully defended shoe manufacturer against multi-million dollar securities claim by company co-founder; Represented majority shareholder in restructuring of insurance brokerages in United States and Mexico. Verdict for hotel holding company client at trial of shareholder election dispute.
Lender Fraud
Per assignment from national aerospace contractor, shut down an Orange County “boiler room” engaged in fraudulent accounts receivable financing practices preying on numerous aerospace industry subcontractors. The “lender” ceased business operations and abandoned its premises on the eve of trial.
Insurance Fraud
Verdict for insurer in fraud case against the oldest insurance defense firm in Orange County. Partner in defendant law firm who engineered the scheme fled the state.
Malicious Prosecution
Represented physician on staff at Cedars Sinai Hospital who was wrongfully sued by east coast insurer in alleged fraud scheme. Insurer’s lawsuit against innocent physicians was devised by insurer’s president and general counsel to cover up fraud by claims personnel in insurer’s Los Angeles claims office. Seven figure settlement for client.
Forgery and Embezzlement
Obtained seven figure recovery for property management company in conspiracy by company’s employee, outside building contractor, and contractor’s attorney to steal over a million dollars from property management company’s client.
Legal Malpractice, Attorney Fraud, and Arbitrator Misconduct
Represented a Las Vegas HOA against its construction defect lawyers for misappropriating several million dollars of settlement money, which was ultimately returned to the HOA. Represented individuals defrauded by major West Los Angeles law firm; obtained seven figure fee reimbursement. Investigated and revealed case arbitrator’s intentional non-disclosure of conflicts (for purposes of obtaining lucrative six figure assignment), resulting in high six-figure settlement.
Commercial Landlord Liability
Represented jewelry store owner/tenant against shopping mall owner/landlord in negligent security lawsuit that netted client a high six-figure settlement.
Wrongful Death
Defense verdict for commercial transportation company in wrongful death claim.

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